With the passion and love for all things timeless and romantic plus her obsession over details, logistics and organization, Maria Chi founded Peppermint Weddings. Since its inception in 2013, Peppermint Weddings has been creating designs that are sophisticated, refined, romantic and timeless.  She is a creative director, event planner, florist, designer & stylist.


We love our clients, they are the sweetest, kindest, warm-hearted and trusting individuals that we create an amazing relationship with. Being true to our personality and style makes it easier for our clients to determine if we are a good fit for the event that they have envisioned.


SIDE NOTE:  Before the wedding industry, in a far away kingdom, I hold an international degree in Electrical Engineering and a diploma in Business Administration. I used to work 2-3 jobs at a time – in customer service, administration, sales, hospitality, marketing and engineering – trying to figure out what will resonate with me. BUT it was only when I got involved in weddings (randomly!) and started designing and creating beautiful florals that I found my HAPPY PLACE’. Since then, I have created my own kingdom and never looked back.

XO, Maria

STAY INSPIRED. More sneak peeks of my life and behind the scenes on my Instagram: @MariaPeppermint

ABOUT // Peppermint Weddings has grown to be a premium level floral and event design boutique and is now composed of a sophisticated group of talented designers and coordinators. We are a team of passionate, design-savvy individuals. We work and play well together and we love what we do, which is evident in each & every event we produce.



JAMES // Operations Manager


With over 15 years of managerial experience, James oversee Peppermint Weddings’ operations. He ensures all products is at it’s best and only of the highest quality.  He monitors all activities within the company and work out strategies that will elevate our client experience and designs. //



AMY // Office  & Event Coordinator


As our in-house Event Coordinator,  Amy Armstrong takes care of the behind the scene logistics. With her experience of handling up to 35 events per week, she will ensure all your event details are executed as flawless as possible. She is in charge of putting all the pieces of the event together. //



MEGAN // Associate Event Coordinator


With Megan Medeiros’ training and experience in the events industry,  she creates detailed logistics to ensure that your day is executed as close to perfect as possible. Her customer service and positive energy gives everyone a calm and comfortable vibe. //


SANDRA // Client Experience & Associate Event Designer


Sandra’s welcoming and warm personality extends to all inquiries we receive. Providing all inquiries with the information and care, as well as following up with any modifications or pending questions. Sandra loves to send positive vibes to everyone that contacts our office. She truly is a ray of sunshine and we hope that this transcends to everyone that we get in touch with. //


Floral Designers & Coordinators


We are a team that collaborates with our clients to produce events that are beautiful, stylish, romantic and classic. From our experienced delivery & set-up team to design savvy floral designers and detail-oriented coordinators, you can be rest assured that you will have more than enough event day support. Our team will be all hands on deck to ensure everything is set-up accordingly and on schedule. Whether it is a room flip, custom built products installation, elaborate backdrop set-up, or a multiple location wedding, we will be thoroughly taking care of the logistics to ensure smooth transition and that all the details are well executed.


Maria’s photos captured by Blynda Da Costa.