Let us walk you through what to expect after you get in touch with us and provide us with your wedding needs. 

If you believe that wedding design is beautiful and fun, if you believe that our style matches your vision, and more importantly, if you want to have a good laugh (and a good glass of sangria!), contact us for a proposal and let’s get started planning your wedding. xo

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The process starts once you provide us with the information with regards to your vision and wedding needs.


We ask our brides to send us as much information as possible including Pinterest boards, colour schemes, fabric swatches and other elements that will be helpful for us to create an initial proposal to provide you a better idea of our designs and pricing structure. 


Based on the information your provide us, we will then create a proposal for you with the floral recipe, dimensions, approximate number of stems (where applicable) and breakdown of the price per product and service. In addition, we also create sketches and inspiration board to help you communicate your vision better.


Once you have reviewed our proposal and feel that we represent your style and that we are a good fit for your wedding needs, we will then schedule a 45 minute in-office consultation to discuss the proposal further.



At this 45 minute in-office consultation, we will go over the initial proposal and the details of your wedding ideas so that we can provide our creative input.


Although we base our proposal from your vision board,  because we are a design group, our creative flare will almost come through with our suggestions and artistic input.


This includes discussion of all aspects of your wedding vision to ensure that all design elements are well integrated.


This is also when we discuss any adjustments and fine tune the details in order to fully achieve your vision.


Depending on the season and availability, there is a possibility that we might be able to provide you with a “consultation sample” so you can have a better idea of what to expect in terms or colours and dimension. Contact us after receiving your proposal if we can have this available for you.



Approximately 3 business days up to a week after the consultation, we will provide you with the final detailed proposal and a personalized design board based on our discussion.  We also provide you with sketches, fabric swatches and set-up info so you can have a  good idea on the overall aesthetic.


As we pay close attention to your wedding needs and provide creative input and customized work, once the maximum number of revisions (3) is reached, an additional designer fee will apply.  Depending on the revision, if the scope of the project increases and changes, the pricing will also increase and change.


Once the final revision has been approved, we will then proceed to the signing of the contract along with the receipt of the 40% initial payment. A more extensive discussion of the contract will be discussed to establish a clear understanding of our terms and conditions.


Upon the receipt of the initial payment, your wedding date is now secured with us and you are officially a booked client (YAY!)


3-4 months following your booking, we will then schedule a complete table set-up (centrepiece, linens, candles etc.) sample showing and a site walk through (usually done at the same time) to provide you with a sneak peek of how gorgeous your wedding will look like.


We coordinate with your venue and schedule a day where we can bring in the sample and finalize the details of your wedding.


After the sample showing, we welcome minor adjustments and open to any additions. Note that if the adjustments changes and increases the original scope of the approved proposal, the pricing will also change and increase accordingly.

Bridal bouquet starts at $300Bridal party bouquets start at $180 each. Short centrepieces start at $80 each. Tall centrepieces start at $180 each. Chuppah starts at $900. Statement floral pieces start at $400 each.

Depending on the variety and saturation of flowers as well as the dimension/size, prices WILL vary. We’d love to create a detailed proposal for you.

Send us your wedding info here. 



[ Photos on this page by Jessica Blaine Smith Photography | Floral Design by Peppermint Weddings ]